Wilsons Promontary

                                    In May 1968, 21 course along with some PT instructors spent a week in the Wilsons Promontary National Park which is the southern most point on the Australian Mainland. 

                                    We were issued with  very basic bivouac equipment and a tin of C rations.  We were left to our own resources to a large extent so initiative and resourcelfulness were useful attributes.

                                    Some of  us were able to supplement our meagre rations with various forms of local produce. We were growing boys after all.

                                    I happened to be in the area about 10 years later and I'm pleased to report that the wildlife appeared to be recovering.
                                    This photograph shows what remains of our campsite. Still there 10 years later








                                                                               This is the view on a good day.



                                                                 To be Continued : !

                                                                    I'm afraid that is the extent of my photograph collection. I need more help for this and other memorable excursions