Gracie and Ed


Gracie and Bondeson


No doubt  more than one regulation was being violated here  Wykes,Simpson, Drady, Goodman , Field ( of course )



The same group again but with Chipper Wood, never one to miss out on a beer


Benny in the ubiquitous Poof Suit




Inside a typical Appy's cupboard



Benny,Schubie, Krafty, Simmo

Gracie just got rolled

Schubie, Simmo,Drady, Eccles

Someone about to get rolled. Note the guy in his PJ's with a beer, a common practice in those days

The stunning view out the window 

The place where it all happened

Waldie, Bondeson (?), Rockape, Brownbill (?)

Fellas, Hall, Waldie

Hall, Waldie

Looks like Wilsons Promontary

This must have been a local retard at Wilsons promontary. He doesn't look like anyone I remember.


Chipper looks like he just cleaned up the Poker game






Manga Richards and Goodman

Macca McCrae. Looks like he was caught in the act






The elaborate switching matrix at Radio Australia




Wykky's bits

Our first fun filled holiday at Ocean Grove- Easter 1967