Graduation -13th August 1969





Back row L-R:  Cpl App Young, Cpl App Goodman, L App O’Malley, L App Vardy, L App Simpson, L App Cleary, L App Gavrilovic, L App Campbell, Cpl App Schmidt, Cpl App Stanley, L App Wade, L App Drady, F Sgt App Hall, L App Withenshaw, W Off App Theodore.


Middle Row L-R:  L App Wykes, L App Beutel, L App Leitch, L App Mayhew, F Sgt App Nelson, F Sgt App Naylor, L App Leach, Sgt App Maney, Cpl App Clapham, Cpl App Eden, L App Duck, Sgt App Laird, L App Richards, L App Bond.


Front Row L-R:  L App Kraft, L App Clark, L App Blanch, L App George, Sgt App House, L App Richards, L App Schubert, L App Wyllie, L App Young, L App Lange, L App Wood, L App Hetper, L App Locke, L App Walter, L App Lowe.



                                                                            The Graduation Parade was held at  Laverton














Thanks to Kerry Drady for the Pennant  and Ron Clark
for the Photos