50th Anniversary Reunion will be held at

RACV Resort, Torquay, Victoria

27th, 28th,29th of October 2017

Full details are below



Hi All ,


It’s 3 weeks tomorrow before we start assembling at Torquay.


We held a committee meeting last night at Wheelers Hill .


Kingsley McRae

Paul Clapham

Bruce Goodman

Geoff Beutel

Ron Clark

Dick Naylor


Final count as of yesterday is 55 persons  31 course members / 22 wives, girlfriends / 2 guests

It seems all monies have been collected - a couple of refunds need to be done and I will give it to persons at Torquay

A summary of monies collected , spent or about to be spent is :-

Monies received                     $12,670

Monies to be refunded             -$430

Total monies received          $12,235



RACV                                      $8025    55person X $20/head canapes / $66 / head buffet dinner / $49 /head drinks package  4 hours + $600   (~ $150/head)

Shirts and Caps                    $1776.79

Speaker                                  $400

Presentation trophy                 $145

Other expenses                      $407.25 bank charges , internet +

Expected bank fees                $20


Total Expenses                       $10, 774.04


Balance                                   $1460.96


We anticipate paying $20/head for drinks and snacks Friday night

We will probably pay for some bar snacks at Jan Juc Saturday lunch

We will also send $237.95 to Don Cureton for further domain registration and 21 course website fees until 2021- courtesy of Bruce Goodman and Paul Clapham who will forego the monies which was to be refunded  to them .

Any balance will be donated to RMIT fund .


Please find attached:-

a.    My spreadsheet to show whose coming , how much they have paid and how much we have spent .

b.    RACV Event order which includes the menu and costs

c.    RACV proforma invoice for 62 persons – now 55persons so total cost will be $8025 to RACV.

d.    Bank statement as of yesterday .


Order of events :-


27th October , 2017

2.00pm  Golf for those who have booked with Bruce or at tee times as per Bruce

5.00pm  Assemble at White’s Paddock RACV Torquay for drinks

             Issue Shirts and Caps ordered


28th October , 2017


Lunch : Jan Juc Hotel


4.00pm : Committee to go to Zeally Room to check

4.30pm : Anyone with memorabilia to bring to Zeally Room


We have appointed Andre Bondeson as the WOD with the responsibility of fining any members who make too big a dicks of themselves or take too long with their speeches – fines will be used for additional drinks or donated to RMIT

6.30pm  : Canapes – Zeally Room

7.00pm : Members take seating and welcome

7.15pm : Table by table RACV staff will direct people to buffet dinner

              During this time we will ask other tables member by member

21 Course questions

Partners questions

What was the one thing on Course you wish you had or hadn’t done

What are the things that your partner does that make you smile

What is the one thing you did after appies that had the biggest effect on your life

What is the most irritating habit your partner has

How do you think appies affected affected you

What is the most stupid thing your partner has done or you have heard your partner has done


8.00pm  Buffet Dessert

8.30 ~ 9.00pm  Speeches

             Ron Ledingham     “ Now , then and why the RAAF no longer needs em “


             Bruce Goodman -   to say another  thanks

             Macca to read official letters

             Various members to read letters we have received

             Microphone to anyone wanting to say something- keep in mind WOD Bondeson

10.30pm  Members to assemble in 3 ranks , Led by ex- WOFF APP Hall , marchpast to take place .

             Salute to be taken by Ron

               - not

10.45pm – Happy Snaps

11.00pm   Finish


29th October Sunday

9.00am    meet for Breakfast at RACV Torquay

Drift off into the sunset


For all of you old  hams – Ron Clark told us he has been able to get the callsign VK3APP which became available after all this time .


Any members who have some memorabilia they want to bring along – please do


For those members wanting to visit RAAF Williams – I have been asked for vehicle registration numbers – my guess is there maybe a number of rental cars so can I ask you to send me your drivers licence number as well.


If any questions unanswered , feel free to contact Macca – or me


Best Regards

Dick Naylor






UPDATED  09 March 2017


To book accommodation at The RACV Torquay Resort    It is necessary to ring +61 3 5261 1600 or send an email to   reservations_torquay@racv.com.au   Ref 21 Course Reunion

Confirmed room rates for 2017

Golf / Ocean View rooms (minimum 2 night stay)
$263 for Golf Ocean View Room (RACV Member Rate) - $351.00 non member rate
$314.00 for Premium Ocean View Room (RACV Member Rate) - $419 Non member rate.



 Bruce has suggested a 9 hole golf competition on the Friday afternoon 1-30 ~ 2-00 hit off .  $25 / 9 holes.        Golf on Saturday is almost impossible to book due to locals.

If you click on the picture below it will send an email to Bruce when a golfer registers so he has the numbers to book .


Click on Picture to register



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