Organising Committee meeting held at Wheelers Hill Pub on June 14th    6.30pm

Items discussed :-

New T Shirt Design

Macca brought in a new sample of the T Shirts and Caps.

The previous version proved to be difficult to embroider so we have switched to an all cotton type .

Looks good

Arranging visit to RAAF Williams ( nee Laverton) during reunion

It was suggested we provide a list of names to security to allow members to drive into and out of the base to have a look anytime over the weekend

Dick Naylor to go to SPs officeand ask  how we can arrange .

 ( I have visited – went to the Pass Office – spoke with the head – Des McCormack – he suggested I speak with the Base WOD Darryl Bessel who can arrange it- have called a few times and no answer  - will continue to call )


RACV Accommodation

Rates are fixed now , they require one night’s accommodation paid to ensure the booking.

RACV membership ( $38 ) or I suspect NRMA or RACQ  membership will allow a discount .


Schedule for the Dinner

At this time we have :-

6.30pm   - PreDinner Drinks

7.00pm – Welcome and sitting down

7.15pm  Buffet – table by table

8.45 ~ 9.00pm  end of eating  - Talk from Rod Ledingham

After the  talk – Dessert .


We still have to finalise how we are going  to  use the time .

Col Lange has suggested as a way of everyone participating  - we ask each guy and his partner to answer  say 3 questions  and they have a minute to answer – keeping it clean and non defamatory

Col’s and some other suggested questions are :-

21 Course questions

Partners questions

What was the one thing on Course you wish you had or hadn’t done

What are the things that your partner does that make you smile

What is the one thing you did after appies that had the biggest effect on your life

What is the most irritating habit your partner has

How do you think appies affected affected you

What is the most stupid thing your partner has done or you have heard your partner has done







Please feel free to send Dick any questions you think could be added or replace the above questions and I am sure we can have a bit of fun

We could go table by table over the night to have a bit of humour and fill in some time .

Macca has approached RMIT for somethings for the evening and he was asked if 21 Course wanted to sponsor  a disadvantaged student to the tune of $7,500  or make a donation of a few hundred bucks .

The precedent was established in Fremantle of fining members who went overtime  in their talk/ answers  , one idea is to use any fines and unused monies from the money we are collecting to make a donation .

Does  anyone have any objections ?.


I have sent out requests to a few known wordsmiths of the course to write letters to 21 Course to celebrate our 50th Aniversary  on behalf of Jowels , Fitton , Voysey , Cooper , Hodgson and the like .

If you have a desire to write and recite a  letter to 21 Course  on the night – please let me know and we can add you to our list . Only a few minutes per letter is necessary.


GOLF / T Shirts numbers/ Tin Rattling etc .

We have set a  deadline of August for ordering the T Shirts so we have plenty of time  to ensure delivery and Tee times  .

We need to pay RACV  30% on July 30th  and 30% on 29th Aug and balance  10th October so expect some tin rattling soon


 Aerial Photo of Laverton circa 1967

Does anyone have an aerial photo of Laverton circa 1967 or know how to get one


Memorabilia table

Geoff brought the photo  stand used at Fremantle – with old photos of 21 Course – jeez it was good and brought back memories . He will bring it for Torquay .

 Macca is organising a table for anyone to bring along memorabilia and display it – old photos etc

Does anyone have their first paybook that they can bring along , $20.84 is my memory of our first fortnightly gross pay.


Saturday Lunchtime meeting place

Macca has recommended we use the Jan Juc Beach Hotel as the suggested meeting place for Saturday lunch. Jan Juc is 2Km from the resort so very convenient .


Next meeting :

Wheeler’s  Hill Hotel 6.30pm  19th July – Macca to remind Dick on the day  

Dick Naylor


Update 25 October 2016 

Macca, Paul, Bruce and Dick went to RACV Torquay on Saturday for lunch and to check out the scene seeing it is a year to go before the re-union.

As we looked out on the fairways from the restaurant, the wind blew and the overcast skies reminded us we were in Victoria even if it was late October  - the place is really nice and I am sure we have decided on a great venue.



The RACV was fully booked for the weekend so even though there are rooms booked for 21 Course Reunion – we recommend you book your accommodation as soon as possible .

 Rates are still not fixed but they will take your booking now .Macca is going to check when the rates will be fixed .

Don’t  forget the tariff includes breakfast for 2 – Macca verified the breakfast is good value

Paul was able to book into a motel about 4 Km away on short notice but it was not as nicely equipped as RACV. If you can let Dick know once you have your accommodation fixed not matter where it is – we will have a bit of an idea if any additional rooms need to be fixed  or kept

Macca or Dick to book speaker also .

Macca has verified they will accept reservations now but price may change once they fix the 2017 pricing .



 Bruce has suggested a 9 hole golf competition on the Friday afternoon 1-30 ~ 2-00 hit off .  $25 / 9 holes.        Golf on Saturday is almost impossible to book due to locals.

If you click on the picture below it will send an email to Bruce when a golfer registers so he has the numbers to book .

 Dick to add the golfing as a column on payment sheet.



Click on Picture to register



One Spa

 There is a day spa at the resort called One Spa - the website details the services –

They were also fully booked so if you or your partner want to use it – please book early.



Paul to ask Brian Gareh if he can arrange a music CD for use on the Saturday night.


Other Events

The local rag proved to be useless at outlining events in the neighbourhood – or Torquay is really dead at the end of October.

Macca reckons :-

There are heaps of things to do eg tigermothworld for joy flights.

Or !!

Dick to send out call for another $50 / head

We as a group to meet in January to start more detailed planning.

Can’t think of anymore . 

Best Regards





Meeting minutes of July 1 held at Wheelers Hill Hotel
 Our meeting today was attended by Bruce, Dick, Clappas  and Macca,
  Ron Clark was an apology, as was John Campbell
 Dick confirmed subscriptions
 had been received for 49 attendees. We are encouraged by this response.  (Now 53 @   19 July)
  It was resolved that dick would remit the deposit of $1745 to Racv as per the contract.
 Future subscriptions  
 Our future subscription dates will be October 2016
 February 2017
 July 2017
 Dick will send out requests prior to these dates
 Guest speaker
 It was resolved that we will seek out a guest speaker to speak for 20 to 30 minutes.
Luncheon at Racv Torquay
  We are planning a luncheon at the venue on Saturday October 22 2016.
  If anyone is in Melbourne they are welcome to attend this informal lunch . Please advise Macca if you plan on attending.
 01 July 2016

Dear all
just a short note to confirm that Dick has paid the deposit so we are committed.
I have signed the agreement so we are twice committed.
Ron Ledingham has confirmed he is happy to be the invited speaker.







Subject: REUNION UPDATE 13 MAY 2016


Today, Ron Clarke, Bruce Goodman, Dick Naylor and myself met at RACV Melbourne city club.  Paul Clapham was a late apology, as was John Campbell.


The purpose of the meeting was to review the venue and make a decision for our function for   October 27 -29 , 2017.


Previously our number one venue was RACV Torquay.

 Considerable discussion ensued regarding the most suitable location 

 Melbourne CBD offers considerable opportunities for activities during the weekend 

 There is also a heritage associated with our CBD activities in the 60s.


RACV Torquay however offers a superb venue overlooking a golf course, and with close proximity to caravan parks and lots to do. Accommodation rates within the complex are very competitive. There is also an affinity with the nearby Ocean Grove should anyone wish to visit.


Finally the committee unanimously endorsed RACV Torquay as the venue 

Following on from this decision the following was resolved:


Members would be requested to deposit $50 per person attending by Friday 24 June 2016.

This is required because we have to secure the venue with money, $1750.00 by 30 june 2016.

Expected costs are $135 for dinner and drinks, ~ $65 for additional  food, drinks and memento 


Also we need to know your intentions about if you are coming,   if you are bring someone, and staying at RACV.


The details of the account are as follows:


Account name: 21 course reunion 

BSB: 063607

Account number: 10722138


DICK will be pursuing you soon for your $50 per person deposit.


Kind regards








Dick and I traveled to Point Cook, Werribee and Torquay on Mar 2.

The purpose of the trip was to check the suitability of three venues  for the 2017 event.


Although not all aspects are yet planned we envisaged  an informal Friday night welcome drinks, the main function on Saturday evening, and based on previous reunions we thought that we would most likely gather for an informal breakfast on the Sunday morning.

 Based on this scenario we provide the following summary:


Point Cook Sanctuary Cove.


The Sanctuary Cove Function Centre has room suitable for the dinner on the Saturday night. Friday night drinks would be held at the nearby , but separate building. We also concluded that breakfast on the  Sunday would also be best held here.

 Accommodation is available in the nearby Quest apartments. There is a walk of about 80 metres to the function centre, which could be a problem if its wet.


We gave this venue an overall rating of 6/10.



Werribee Mansion


This property is set in the picturesque Werribee Park and Rose garden. It was completely refurbished several years ago and offers a high standard of service, accommodation and dining.

 The venue offers an all in one location including the Friday night drinks, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.They are a very professional group and it is a very popular venue for functions of all types.

 Approx 200 metres from hotel section to the function centre, on a dirt track. Messy if wet.

 There are lots of nooks and crannies for chats and drinks and get togethers.

 The drink prices at the bar are quite high.


We gave this an overall rating of 8/10.


RACV Torquay Golf Club Resort.


This property is at No 1 Great Ocean Road and overlooks a picturesque golf course with  ocean views in the distance.

It is also an all in one venue that was purpose built for the RACV . It is accessible to roadside members including all interstate roadside service  clubs ( eg NRMA, RACQ etc).. For anyone else a small joining fee applies. For anyone staying in house, (91 rooms) there is a two night minimum ( either Friday sat or Sat Sun).  The tariff includes the smorgasbord breakfast.


The venue is quite spectacular and offers a very private function space. Also there are lots of nice places for discussions and the like. It is envisaged that Friday evening would be in the golf club bar.

The venue is close to Torquay and the picturesque Great Ocean Road. The function rooms are within the venue so no issue in the event of rain. Lots of nooks and crannies for get togethers, chats and drinks. The drink prices are quite reasonable.

The function area we like offers pre-dinner drinks in an adjacent room with access to a large balcony overlooking the golf course and  it has a separate room for food serving. 
There is a shuttle from melbourne airport if you do not have a car.

Overall we rated this venue at 9.5/10.  It could have been 10 but we do not give 10.


Our plan from here is to investigate a CBD venue and then make a final decision.




Macca and Dick




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