In March 2007 we held our 40th  anniversary reunion at the Dee Why RSL







Back                                                                                         Barry Pumphrey              Kerry Drady        Andre Bondeson   Steve Cleary Mike Young                  John Watt
                                                                                    Bryan Field ( hidden ) Don Cureton   Ron Clark     Bob Maney                                                               Geoff Beutel
Middle       Ed John             Tom Richards                 Dick Naylor         Derek Lock                                   Graham Duck       Andrew Young     John Campbell
                            John Bond                    Errol Blanch              Gary Miller                            Skull Laird                     Paul Appleby   Macca McRae         Stu Walter
Front             Pat Hall                   Kevin Kraft              Dallas Leach       Col Lange    Geoff Mayhew    Don Cook              Neil Clark 

You're not going to believe this !!!

Graham Duck     Bob Maney
         John Bond                                    Pat Hall                                      Paul Appleby                                             Ed John                            Steve Cleary

John ( Charlie)   and     Karreen Watt

Col Lange

                                                                                                                                                                     Skull and Chris Laird                                                                                Dallas Leach

                                                                  Andrew Young    Robyn Maney                                                                                                                                                 Neil Clark            Errol Blanch 
                                                                                                                                       Rosalee Bond                                                                Wendy Blanch 




Macca telling Don  a secret

                                                                                                                                        Macca                                                           Baz

                                                                                                    Gary Miller                                  Graham Duck                                Col Lange                            Debbie Lange 

                                                                    Jenny Richards                                                         Stu Walter                         Ed John              Tom Richards                              Bryan Field

                                                                                                                            Marg Mayhew


Hey Ed,  Do you remember the time that we had out photo taken standing next to the train at Newcastle
Yes Gracie, I remember that day and  we haven't changed much have we ? 

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                                                                                                                                                                              Gary Miller                                                                                                                         Andre Bondeson


John and Anne Campbell



                                                                                 Graham Duck                                                  Dick Naylor



                                                                                                                Margaret  and Geoff Mayhew



                                                                                                                         Barry Pumphrey



                                                                                                         This could be a long night



                                                                               Marg Mayhew                                                         Sue Naylor


                                                                                                                      Mike Young  and  Jo



Ed John



   Kevin Kraft        John Bond        Mrs Kraft 



                                                                    Ron Clark                                            Paul Appleby                             Wendy Blanch                                         Mike Young



                                                                                                   Sue Naylor                                            Debbie Lange                 Derek Locke 



                                                                                                   Andrew Young                                         Teresa Young 



                      Macca McRae                                                         Ed John                                                                            Neil Clark



                                                                  They told me I'd go blind........ but did I listen ? 



                                                                         Col Lange was the MC for the night




       Mike Young 



Neil Clark



                                                                                                                                               I reckon another bottle will be enough    .....  Dick Naylor




           Teresa Young                           Andrew Young                                                Skull Laird                                   Chris Laird


Geoff Beutel                          Geoff Mayhew


                                                                                                             Tom Richards  telling a story


            Ron Clark,                            Ann Cureton,                           Marg Mayhew


                       Pat Hall                       Wendy Blanch                      Errol Blanch       John Watt           Karreen Watt      Macca McRae


  Don and Ann Cureton


  I'm not joking this time,   we really have to leave. Geoff Mayhew and John Campbell